Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Comedy, Documentary & Press Videos

You can directly go directly to my YouTube channel and check out the videos, or scroll down and see them below.

Comedy Shorts

The Boyfriend

Have you ever visited your girlfriend while she was babysitting? Has the kid ever tried to cut off your face?

The New Girl

(Part 1 of 'The Popcorn Trilogy')

Have you ever hit on the new girl at work? Has your jerk manager ever beaten you to the punch?

All The Way Up
(Part 2 of 'The Popcorn Trilogy')

All Peter wants is a sexy tryst with the new snack bar girl. Unfortunately his "hands on" manager, Nigel, is after the same exact thing.

Sign of the Times

(Part 3 of 'The Popcorn Trilogy')

Peter is going to do something wild, something rebellious, to win the heart of the cute snackbar girl. He's going to try, anyway...

The Titanic Trailer

The trailer of the 1997 epic, remixed.

Intersecting Kevin

What happens when Kevin Costner picks up two teenage boys on the side of the road one afternoon? What doesn't happen!


The Bloor (Part 1)

Built in 1905 as a vaudeville theatre, The Bloor Cinema in Toronto has seen days as a 1940's movie palace, a 1960s grindhouse and a 1970s porn theatre. It now stands as Canada's largest and best known independent cinema.

The Bloor (Part 2)

Press / Miscellaneous

CBC TV Interview - The Obama Inauguration

Robin is interviewed, along with others across the country, about the cultural significance of Barack Obama's presidential inauguration.

Radio Interview - History of The Bloor Cinema

Robin and 'The Bloor' co-director Peter Kuplowsky are interviewed on CBC's 'Here & Now' about the history of the cinema and their documentary on the subject.

Bloor Cinema Keychain Commercial

Robin was commissioned to write and direct this spot for the Bloor in 2010.